The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) is a four-year degree program recommended for students who want to have a career in the field of Tourism and Event Management. This program leads to expertise in management of tour-operating agencies, as well as other jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector. It aims to address the need for professionals who can help in promoting the tourism industry in the Philippines.

The BSTM consists of several CHED-mandated general subjects, while the focus of the study is on the administrative aspect of Tour Operating business, particularly entrepreneurship and trade planning. The curriculum also includes operational competencies, event management classes, investment, market study and more. The combination of theories learned inside the classroom and on-the-job training will prepare the students to be globally competitive in tourism management operations.

After completion of the program, the graduates can pursue a career in the tourism industry and/or hospitality sectors. Entry-level jobs include travel account representative, tour coordinator, local tourism officer, airline flight attendant, tour escort, and staff of the Department of Tourism and other tourism-oriented institutions.