General Objectives

Trained manpower is a prerequisite to economic development. To a developing country like the Philippines, adequate manpower is an invaluable asset. Although the country still basically has an agrarian economy, it is moving towards industrialization and expansion of its trade and commerce, both domestic and foreign.

The College of Commerce & Accountancy, desirous to contribute to share in the growth and progress of the country, aims to provide the kind of business education that will prepare the youth to assume their share of responsibilities in nation building.

However, the College believes that technical and professional training alone is not sufficient. It therefore strives to imbue its students with a sense of moral and spiritual responsibility in consonance with the philosophy and objectives of the University.


Specific Objectives

Specifically, the College seeks:

  1. To train students in the following fields of Business Accounting, Management, Marketing, Management Accounting & Entrepreneurship.
  2. To develop students not only professionally but also spiritually, socially and physically.