The College of Nursing share the philosophy and objectives of the University committed to the perpetuation of the motto emblazoned in its seal: VIRTUS ET SCIENTIA (Virtue and Knowledge).

Consequently, the College of Nursing aims to:

  • Organize programs which will involve the student in activities ordered to develop constructive habits in the pursuit of good.
  • Provide the students with sound scientific knowledge and professional skill strengthened by deep Christian insights aimed at producing the Augustinian Nurse with a heart aflame and a mind ready to contemplate the temporal and the transcendental dimension of man.
  • Develop in the student those fundamental attitude which find their best expression in the service of their fellowmen, and to build upon them a growing capacity to respond to spheres of values and particularly to the values of persons and their needs?

More specifically, the objectives of the College of Nursing are:

  • To prepare students who can assume personal responsibility and who can work well with other members of the health team in the delivery of health services to individuals and groups in a variety of settings.
  • To train students to assess wellness-illness status of individuals, families and groups, to plan nursing care for them and to evaluate the effects of the care given.
  • To develop in students the ability to initiate research studies that will identify the cause of health disorders, to analyze the interrelatedness of health problems and to provide integral solution.