Aside from the general rules and regulations which apply to all students of the University, students of the Conservatory are governed by the following specific rules and regulations.

  1. With the approval of the dean, students enrolled in applied courses may be allowed to select their teachers
  2. With the approval of the dean, students may be allowed to transfer to another teacher provided it is done early at the beginning of the semester and after they have informed the original teacher about the proposed changes
  3. Upon the recommendation of the teachers concerned, students are required to take examination in applied subjects every semester either for promotion or non-promotional credit ratings
  4. Every semester, all students are required to submit to the dean a detailed list of the references studied during the semester, specifying for each exercise and composition the book and piece title, page and name of the composer.This list should be duly signed by the teacher concerned
  5. Observers are not allowed inside the studios or classrooms during classes without the approval of the dean
  6. Students are required to participate in all recitals
  7. Students must observe strictly the rules and regulations of the Conservatory regarding the wearing of uniform
  8. Special students may enroll in or drop subjects during the semester, provided they pay the full amount due for the semester
  9. The public recital is a requirement for graduation for Voice and Piano majors. All Candidates for graduation are required to perform the full repertoire before the examining board
  10. Students enrolled in the Conservatory of Music are ipso facto members of the University Choir.