25 May

Ms. Jacqueline Blancaflor, MSPharm and Ms. Jeremay Campos, MSPharm joined other academes from different universities for a short course training offered by the University of the Philippines, Industrial Pharmacy Department at University of the Philippines, Manila. It was held on May 5 to 17, 2014.

The thirteen-day training was entitled “Short Course Training on Drug Product Manufacturing, Quality Control and Validation.” There were a total of 19 participants in the said program.

On the very first day, the participants were welcomed by the UP professors. They were oriented as to the extent of the education they would be immersed in. They were given tasks that challenged their knowledge in manufacturing, quality control, physical pharmacy, pharmacognosy and research. “It feels like we’re students again.” Blancaflor said.

During the training, they were assigned to formulate their very own products, manufacture and test its quality in different ways to ensure the products conformed to standards by pharmacopeias such as USP and BP. ” It was one experience we will never forget,” Campos said, after receiving a certificate of recognition as one of the top 3 exemplary participants of the said training.

The short course training might have been over, but one thing is for sure: the knowledge that our two faculties have gained from their mentors from UP will be shared and benefited by both their co-teachers and students.


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