25 Feb

THE COLLEGE of Pharmacy & Medical Technology (CPMT) of the University of San Agustin launched its “Bangka-Giving Project” last February 22, 2014 at Sitio Magalumbi, Brgy. Tanao, Batad, Iloilo.

The project aimed to reconnect the victims of teh recent Typhoon Yolanda, especially the fishermen of Magalumbi Island back to the sea. The project intended to help provide long-term livelihood opportunities to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda in Magalumbi Island by rehabilitating their Bangka through the help of various sponsors. For its first wave, the campaign planned to gave out four motor-mobiles with 6.5 engines which will consequently aid four affected families.

The first two beneficiaries were chosen by the Barangay Chairman of Magalumbi Island, of which Rubina Alberio and Analyn Incronal were included. Whereas, Jasmine Hemoya and Leo Banares won the bangka by a raffle draw. As of today, the engines given to each family were already being used by theme for their livelihood.

Consequently, the beneficiaries of the project, as well as the other inhabitants of Magalumbi Island extended their heartfelt gratitude to the college and the university for the support they gave to them. It was this project that the recepients of each engine were able to see the light of a new day after the devastatin of Typhoon Yolanda.

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