General Objectives

The college of Pharmacy and Medical Technology is committed to the integrated development of the total person in a community. Moved by the charity of the Christ, the college aims to nurture in the students the realization of the University motto: VIRTUS ET SCIENTIA.


Specific Objectives

To achieve this mission, the College strives to provide and promote the following objectives:
1. Equip the students with the necessary knowledge and competencies to enable them to meet the demands of their respective professions;

  1. Produce pharmacists who are equipped with the skills and competencies to compound and dispense drugs intelligently, safely and accurately in community and hospital pharmacies and pharmacy manufacturing laboratories and provide sound dispensing information to their clients;
  2. Produce medical technologists who can proficiently and accurately examine specimens, and correlate the results with the condition of the patient;
  3. Produce pharmacy technicians who can ably and intelligently assist the pharmacists in the management of the community, hospital or manufacturing pharmacies.

2. Inculcate in its students the values of honesty, integrity, patience, and personal concern in their profession;
3. Implement the necessary internship programs for pharmacy, medical technology, and pharmacy technician courses;
4. Equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide health information in the proper use of drugs, the prevention of drug abuse and infectious diseases and the utilization of local medicinal plants;
5. Stimulate and develop the student’s interest in research that could arouse enthusiasm for discoveries and scientific investigations.
6. Develop service-oriented pharmacists, medical technologists and pharmacy technicians;
7. Instill in the students the knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the practice of their profession and to adhere to the same;
8. Enable its graduates to live and work harmoniously under a genuine Christian atmosphere with other members of the health team for a better delivery of health services;
Above all, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology hopes to guide and develop the student’s hearts and minds to will what is good and true in the service of God, country and fellowmen.