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FEBRUARY 28, 2014–The Pharmakeia was awarded as Most Outstanding Publication during the 6th SanAg Campus Press Awards held at the Administration Building Lobby, Herrera Hall, University of San Agustin. The publication won the same award since last year. The event was officiated by the USA Publications.

Different publications coming from school’s department competed for the whole-day event last February 22, 2014. They
battled for Best Publication Entry and overall Most Outstanding Publication. Points for Most Outstanding Publication were computed
based from their combined performance from the entry they submitted for Best Publication Entry award, and during the On-the-Spot Writing Contests.

The Pharmakeia garnered a total of 208 points; The Artian, a student publication of the College of Arts and Sciences, won 2nd place after earning 156 points. Pen and Ink, a student publication of the College of Engineering and Architecture, won 3rd place with 150 points.

The Pharmakeia won 2nd place for Best Publication Entry. They also bagged the following minor awards: 1st place for Best Literary Page and News Page; 2nd place for Best Feature Page and Filipino Page. Keian journalists were also given individual awards for their works in the magazine. Francis
Gerald Scott Gonzales from BMLS 2 and Jessamine Faith Molate from BSPhar 2 won as Best Human Interest Writers for the writing entitled “Terror Teachers.” Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo, BMLS 4, won as Best News Writer for writing “Faculin ranks 3rd in 2013 MedTech Licensure Exam.”

Best Photojournalist was given to Mharvie Capundan, BSPhar 4, for her photograph of Dorine Christa Juan used in the magazine’s cover and cover story. Finally, Jaslyn Kaye Solmeo, BSPhar 3. won as Best Filipino Writer for her literary work “Layag, Layag.”

Fellow Keians also bagged awards during the On-the-Spot Writing Contests. Yvonne Mae Capatayan, BMLS 1, won 1st place in Editorial Writing and
Feature Writing. Hazel Tangente, BMLS 1 ranked 1st place for Sports Writing; Calvin John Espino, BSPhar 4, and Mharvie Capundan ranked 1st place and 2nd place for Photojournalism, respectively.

Credits also go to their advisers: Ms. Jeremay Campos, RPh, MSPhar, Ms. Mary Colleen Gomiega, RPh,and Mr. Raymund Joseph Sorgon, RMT. Soar high Pharmakeians!

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