Scholarships & Privileges

University Scholarships
•    Entrance Scholarship (Valedictorian and Salutatorian)
•    Honor Students’ Scholarship
•    St. Augustine Scholarship
•    Presidential Decree (PD) 451 Scholarship
•    Presidential Decree (PD) 577 Scholarship

Special Scholarships
•    Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
•    Iloilo City Government Scholars
•    Government Service Insurance  System
•    Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, Inc (GBFI) Scholarship for Excellence
•    SM Foundation
•    The Sunlad Simpex Educational Scholarships Foundation, Inc. (TSSESFI)
•    Two Hearts Foundation
•    PVAO
•    USAAA Midwest Chapter
•    Philippine Association of Metropolitan Washington Engineers
•    Edward and Eva Underwood Foundation
•    PGMA LOAN (c/o school)

Privileges/Discounts for:
•    Grant-in-Aid Scholars
•    Priests and Religious
•    Choir, Little Theater, Band and Kawilihan members, and Athletes
•    USA publications staff
•    USA faculty/personnel
•    Children/Relatives of USA faculty/personnel
•    Priests and Religious

Scholarships Funded by CHED
•    Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)
•    Study Now Pay Later Program (SNPLP)
•    Regional Scholarship Program (RSP)
•    National Scholarship Program (NSP)
•    Full Merit Scholarship (SF)
•    Half Merit Scholarship (SH)

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