About Guidance Services

Guidance Services and Testing Center are for ALL

The Guidance Services and Testing Center of the University of San Agustin are concerned with students' welfare, helping them develop themselves as persons. Here, we stress the idea of guidance as a developmental service for all the students of the University to assist them to know and actualize their potentials for becoming mature individuals and responsible members of the human society.

Principles and Objectives

The University of San Agustin believes that today's students have needs which may not be adequately met by the instructional programs alone. In consonance with the philosophy and objectives of the University, the following are the guidance principles and objetcives:


    • Every human being has a right to optimum development and to seel his own identity.
    • Developmental education is something more than just instructional mastery. IT demands an integrated growth of the person.
    • The role of the guidance counselor is to give assistance without imposition.


    • To help students discover and develop their potentials
    • To facilitate opportunities for self-understanding, acceptance of self and others, acquiaition of true values, and learning to make mature choices.
    • To train the students to develop skills in interpersonal communication and social interaction.


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