The University of San Agustin Philanthropic Office

The Philanthropic Office of the University of San Agustin was established on June 1, 2013. The office supports the University by developing relationships with potential benefactors to support its various advocacies. The office tasked to create donor policies and programs to support the University’s funding needs.

With the establishment of this office, our efforts will be focused on maintaining continuing relationships with Augustinian Alumni and Institutions and to generate alternate resources through donations and grants to ensure financial sustainability and more effective allocation of resources. These donations are pooled in the USA Legacy Trust Fund that will ensure the financing of priority projects that are responsive to the imperatives of the University’s Strategic Plan. Donors will be pleased to know that the USA Trust Fund ensures that their generous gifts will be used in ways that will have a lasting impact on the life of the academic community.

Through the efforts of the Philanthropic Office, the University has invited over 60 donors to commission the new bronze statue of St. Augustine that stands at the Plaza de San Agustin. Other priority projects include a new modern library, modern classrooms, an educational and research center, a donor wall, and many other projects that will provide donors an avenue to acquire naming rights across the University.

The Office is headed by its Director and the University President, Rev. Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA. Mrs. Ma. Cecilia G. Montero sits as Deputy Director, and Ms. Josefa Maria A. Castro is the designated Marketing and Communications Officer.


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