USA Hymn & March

Alma Mater, dear San Agustin,
Beacon light shining on this fair land;
God bestowed graces pouring like rain,
Virtue and Science to us you hand.

Symbol and truth and of liberty,
Red and gold your colors flying high,
In true Augustinian loyalty,
We shout your glory across the sky (2x).


Golden star guiding us along the journey.
Light that brightens the pathways of the mind,
We will hail you forever, Alma Mater,
And will treasure your legacy with pride.

Red and gold heart aflame is your banner,
Living symbol of everlasting love;
Virtue and Science, your motto stands forever,
Faith and wisdom for men free under God.

At the call of your name we sing your praises
And proclaim to the sky your glorious feats,
Praise and glory to you our Alma Mater,
Praise and glory to you San Agustin.



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