Pax profs commemorate 30th year

USA Pax Romana Professionals

LAST 26 October 2014, on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the USA Pax Romana Professionals, Pax Profs from near and far gathered once more at the University of San Agustin. It was a homecoming to dear Alma Mater and to their beloved organization, the USA Pax Romana.

The air was abuzz with excitement and joy as Paxies greeted fellow Paxies, some of whom were not able to see each other for twenty years. The celebration began with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Main Pax profs commemorate 30th year Chapel with Fr. Jessie T. Tabobo, O.S.A., as the main celebrant, and with Fr. Williener Jack E. Luna, O.S.A., Fr. Basilio S. Sugataon, O.S.A., and Rev. Oswald F. Duran, O.S.A. concelebrating.

After a motorcade around the city, a brief stop at Megaworld Mcdonald’s for breakfast, and a photo ops at the Esplanade, the group returned to the University for a program held at the Nursing Review Center.

Sr. Socorro Garrachico, C.M. and Ms. Cynthia Tajanlangit-Matas, former Spiritual Adviser and General Lay Adviser of the USA Pax Romana, respectively, delivered inspirational talks. Sr. Garrachico encouraged the group to continue spreading God’s love and peace by doing good work. Ms. Tajanlangit-Matas, on the other hand, centered her talk on the celebration’s theme, “To love and to serve at all cost.” She urged the Paxies to level up in their commitment to serve the Lord, not to be simply contented with loving and serving; rather, to love and to serve at all cost.

The group was very fortunate to have with them other former lay advisers namely, Ms. Griselda Trespeces (Liberal Arts Unit), Ms. Veneranda Vallejo (Commerce Unit), Ms. Elsie Tamano (Pharmacy and Medical Technology Unit), and Mr. Leo Satana (General Lay Adviser). Sr. Christy Salas, C.M., the Director for Campus Ministry, was also present and gave the group an update on the current status of Pax Romana in the University. Re-elected as the new president of the organization is Jacob S. Ravena, Jr., an entrepreneur. He succeeded Edmon Mella, who served from 2009-2014. During dinner, the attendees were joined by Fr. Sugata-on, Fr. Luna, and Ms. Cecilia Montero of the Philanthropic Office, who earlier gave a presentation on the thrusts of the office. The evening was made more exciting by the presentations of the different batches. Some performed dance numbers while others sang. The program was much enlivened by the quick wit and natural humor of the Master of Ceremonies, Arch. Jeffery Sumbilla, who truly have mastered his art. Everyone went home happy, recharged and looking forward to more happy reunions in the near future. (USA Pax Romana)

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