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Bricks to raise funds for University scholars

HEARTWORK IN A BEAT. Brick by brick, the Plaza de San Agustin is being transformed into both an art-and-heart-work thanks to the support of the donors of the USA Scholarship Trust Fund.

AS of December 2014, the University’s Philanthropic Office has raised 1.1 million pesos in pledges and has received 1,250 US dollars and more than 100,000 pesos from various alumni donors for the USA Scholarship Trust Fund under its “Raise to 110M: Building the University Brick by Brick” campaign luanched last July 15, 2014. The said fund is earmarked mainly to support the more than 3,000 academic, artistic, athletic and grant-in-aid scholars of the University every academic year.

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USA engaged to implement foreign-funded projects

IN line with the administration’s thrust to boost the university’s institutional competency as a source of experts and consultants, the University of San Agustin, through the Special Projects unit of the Planning and Development Office, has been tapped to implement development projects, funded by foreign governments over the last two years.

These projects are covered by Letters of Grant, Memoranda of Agreement, or Service Contracts duly signed by the commissioning agencies and the University President, Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, O.S.A.

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GIS-based classroom scheduling

In the University of San Agustin, the Planning and Development Office aims to help optimize the use of the existing classrooms and office facilities within the campus. Specifically it aims to facilitate the identification of priority areas for classroom and office use and sustain innovations in planning and implementation of class schedules and school activities.

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Meeting of the Commission for Centers of Education

INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR CENTERS OF EDUCATION. Fr. President Frederick C. Comendador, OSA, (2nd from right, first row), as Chairman of the Provincial Commission on Education of the Order of St. Augustine, Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu, Philip- pines with the eight other members of the Order’s International Commission for Centers of Education. (News and photo courtesy of the Order of St. Augustine website)

THE Order of Saint Augustine’s international commission for Centers of Education met in Dublin, Ireland from 24-25 November, 2014. All nine members, including University of San Agustin president, Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA representing eight different countries were present for the planning meeting.

The agenda included an International Conference for those involved in Education, work on a web page dedicated to advertising and sharing information among Augustinians schools, the year of Consecrated Life, the Order’s ministry of education with the poor, solidarity among the education apostolates of the Order, protocols for responding to special issues, and the inclusion of OSA institutes of Higher Education. The provincial and the members of the province of Ireland hosted the meeting.

USA Dean only Fil in Int’l Confab

Dr. Regina Aileen May V. Vergara

Dr. Regina Aileen May V. Vergara, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, was the only Filipino presenter during the 24th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors held last May 27-30 at Melbourne Convention Center, Melbourne, Australia. This three-day event by Elsevier in association with Biosensors & Bioelectronics and Melbourne University, Australia featured 150 oral presentations and 650 poster presentations about Sensor Development Research on Chemical and Bio-Analytical Sensors.

Dr. Vergara presented “Electropolymerized Molecularly Imprinted Polyerthiophene by Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalance Detection of Nerve Stimulant”and a research poster “Capacitive Detection for Morphine using Electropolymerized Molecularly Imprinted Poly(p-Aminostyrene) Films”. Prior to this, she had also presented her research in Brisbane, Australia and in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. – University of San Agustin

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