Guidance Programs


  • The heart of the guidance services. This program helps the individuals become the persons they are capable of becoming. This also assists the students in gaining insights to solve problems and in developing their potentials. Couseling may take two forms:

Individual Counseling - an interaction between two individuals only, the counselor and the client. This is done especially if the problem is peculiar and particular to the individual and if the client is so private that he/she would not open up in a group.

Group Counseling - this is extended to several individuals with similar problems or common desired goal.


  • This program provides the students with a awide range of information from diverse sources. This also helps the students discover more possibilities that had already been though about by weighing the pros and cons of each possibility and make formed decisions on the matter at hand. Information may take the following forms:
    • Orientation
      • Guidance Orientation
      • Orientation to Major Fields
      • Parents Orientation
    • Job/Career Fair
    • Symposia
    • Classroom / Homeroom Guidance
      • Wellness/Study Habits
      • Time Management
      • Self-Awareness
      • Career Planning
      • Goal Setting
      • Keys to Employability
      • Augustinian Values

Individual Inventory

  • Pertinent information about each student is gathered, documented and filed in cumulative folder providing much needed data for immediate reference in assisting students. The data gathered can be used in proper diagnoses, predicting progress and behaviors, accurate placement and program evaluation. Individual Inventory includes the following:
      • Self rating scale
      • Counseling Form
      • Activity sheet of Classroom Guidance
      • Test Results
      • Incident Reports
      • Individual inventory Record
      • Initial Information form


  • This service is done through a mutual sharing and analysis of information with parents, faculty and administraion/management to facilitate decision-making and learning about strategies for helping clients.


  • This service involves the tapping of agencies, organizations, or individuals that may be of better assistance in the client's resolution of problems and attainment of full potential.


  • The placement service consider goals, values, needs, interest and capabilities in helping the clients find a niche for themselves. It provides the clients with options, enables them to act on their choices, and helps them adjust to the chosen environment.

Placement service includes:

        • Personal-social
        • Occupational and Career
        • Educational/Academic

Research and Evaluation

  • Research is a service-oriented activity conducted to discover new knowledge, to advocate current knowledge and substantiate theory. Evaluation is a program oriented activity that seeks to collect relevant information to determine whether programs goals are met in terms of outcomes as basis of services.


  • This service is concerned for looking after the couselees who have been counseled or refered. Placement-related follow-up is also included.

Special Programs
The USA Guidance Services designed these special programs for the specific needs of the students:

    • Testing - this helps the students achieve realistic evaluation of their intelligence, aptitude, interest, and personality which is a requirement for an effective career choice. Tests are also given for admission and other specific purpose.
    • Peer Facilitating - a trained group of students interact with their peers during classroom guidance activities, group counseling sessions and orientation programs.
    • Scholarships & Financial Aid - this service aims to help as many needy but deserving students as possible. The program provides students with information about the grants and scholarships, and how to avail of them. It is also responsible for the screening of the applicants as well as the follow up and evaluation of the performance of the grantees.


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