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UNITAS (Unity)

Unity is basic for the existence of things. It means “being” one. The power and strength of unity are connected with the becoming of being. Augustine’s thought on unity is not only of the self, but it progresses toward a more social direction which is partnership with other people.

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CARITAS (Charity)

Charity embraces both love of God and love of neighbor. It is the greatest of all graces, and it measures the value of persons since we are worth as much as how we love. All our conduct as human beings and as Christians, like work, personal relation, entertainment, etc. must be motivated by love or charity, and must tend to form in us, with God’s grace, that very valuable virtue.

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Truth is found when the mind reflects on the reality of anything. It is found when the person discovers the realities and values that orient, give sense, and may bring contents to human life. In truth there is community between what a person thinks and what he speaks.