“CALESA” is a horse-drawn carriage that was brought by Spain to the Philippines. It is the acronym for the project to symbolize their historic ties and future partnership towards building a better tomorrow. CALESA is also the acronym for “Capacity building for Legal and Social Advancement in the Philippines“, name chosen by the consortium of institutions that form the Erasmus + Capacity Building High Education Project number 609668-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (2019 – 2012/001 – 001)


The aim of this project is to support an innovative approach to the development and transfer of legal higher education programmes between the Philippines and Europe.

Following the completion of CALESA, leading law schools in the Philippines are expected to adopt curricular innovations that focus on research, multilingualism, human rights and the rule of law, regional integration and comparative law in a manner that is consistent with the EU’s Bologna Process. Because these institutions are among the thought leaders in the field of legal education, the expectation is to initiate a cascading effect whose benefits will eventually trickle down to the other law schools, the judiciary, the legal profession, the legal system, and the Philippine society.

Disclaimer: The program is still being updated by the organizers.

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