AB COMM FRAME 13 Productions wins at NIA Digital Short Film Competition

The FRAME 13 Productions, a school-based production team initiated by the students of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication (AB COMM) program, wins awards at the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Central Office Digital Short Film Competition in Quezon City last June 22, 2023. They bagged the Best Screenplay and Best Film Poster awards, and was named one of the Top 16 Winners with their entry, “Agos”. The film is about a local of Guimaras who revisits her memory from the summer of 1989 after seeing a group of tourists arrive in her province. The memory tells of irresponsible actions by tourists that led to an epiphany that a person’s waste could be another’s treasure.

The film’s fascinating narrative and imaginative approach captivated the viewers and left a lasting impression among the judges.

The Production Team is composed of young aspiring filmmakers and creative individuals from the AB COMM Program- Producer: Lowell Jan Yasas & JB Cerbas; Director: Lowell Jan Yasas; Screenplay: Justy Barcenas, Ellianna Nava, Eunice Medalla, JB Cerbas, & Lowell Jan Yasas; Cinematographer: Jainah Crizt Sapitona; Editor: Renely Ann Demegillo & Justy Barcenas; Camera: – JB Cerbas, Renely Ann Demegillo, Luigi Anthony Corcino; Production Assistant: Mikhaella Issy Montina, Erika Gimotea, Mikaella Rioja, Gwyneth Monares, Hannah Tanaleon, Matthew Echegoyen; Music/OST: Justy Barcenas.

This accomplishment hopes to provide more opportunities and future projects to showcase local films and talents and to serve as an inspiration to the young and talented aspiring filmmakers.