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What you share and what others will share can make a difference.  Together, we can achieve our dreams and aspirations for the University.   


About 30% of the entire population of the University of San Agustin are supported by internally, externally, and government-funded scholarships.  Through our adopt-a-scholar initiative, we are accepting donations towards providing financial aid to needy students especially in the college level.

There remains to be a high percentage of college students who are challenged in continuing their tertiary education and completing their degree programs.  With your help, you can change the world, one child at a time.  This could also mean alleviating one family from poverty forward-looking that the child can find work.   


The University of San Agustin recognizes that philanthropic support is important in its pursuit of academic excellence and organizational sustainability. Gifts and donations are welcome in order to boost institutional effort towards the enhancement of its programs and services.

The University may accept gifts from stakeholders for as long as they are handled in accordance with national and local laws and regulations.

All gifts to the University, in general, or a specific department, will have to be coursed through the designated office – the Philanthropic, External and Alumni Relations (PEAR) – for efficient administration, and legal accounting and documentation.


The University of San Agustin seeks to recognize people or organizations that have either supported the University through distinguished contribution to the University or philanthropic support of the eight (8) advocacies by naming facilities or entities in his/her honor.  The USA Naming Rights Policy governs the procedure and criteria for such naming and covers assets such as:  physical spaces, academic entities, positions, events, activities, scholarships, prizes, student project support, among others.

This is, typically, a commercial arrangement where the consideration may include display of logos, company names, marketing opportunities, and events during the course of the arrangement, which is normally time-bound.

Share to USA advocacies

The gift that you share makes God’s love tangible to all our beneficiaries. Find your passion while exploring what to support in our University’s advocacies.  Other than helping financially, you may also wish to contribute your expertise by delivering lectures and master classes in your areas of specialization or render your time to do volunteer work in our partner communities.

01 formation and mission orig

Augustinian Formation and Mission

Support to this University advocacy will impact the Campus Ministry, Spiritual Enrichment programs, Community…

02 culture and the arts orig

Culture and the Arts

This advocacy aims to support Cultural Heritage Preservation, Continuing Education for Faculty and Student Artists, Performance Tours…

03 human resource development orig

Human Resource Development

This advocacy will support the University’s Faculty and Staff Development Program, Management,…

04 infrastructure development orig

Infrastructure Development

This advocacy will help the University realize its dream of building key resources for our students, scholars, faculty and on a broader spectrum…

05 research and development orig

Research and Development

This will impact the USA Professorial Chairs, Publication Grants, Research Grants, Writing Fellowships, Scientific Inventions, …

06 scholarships orig


Support to this advocacy will impact Academic Scholarships, Culture and the Arts Scholarships, Grant-in-Aid Scholarships and…

07 sports and youth development orig

Sports and Youth Development

This advocacy will impact the University’s Wellness Program, Sports Training Program, Athletic Skills Enhancement,…

08 protection of the environment orig

Protection of the Environment

This advocacy aims to support the efforts of the University to protect and preserve the environment.  It will have an impact on the…

Why Share

University of San Agustin continuously aims to provide its students, faculty and staff quality educational learning experience which is anchored on theories, practical examinations and experiential learning activities for more than 100 years.

 Your support to these initiatives and innovations is an enduring legacy that will be passed on to generations of Augustinians grounded in the charism of Unitas (unity), Caritas (love) and Veritas (truth).

Our profuse and utmost gratitude to the alumni, parents and friends for your selfless act of sharing and continued support for the University’s mission.

What you share and what others will share can make a difference.  Together, we can achieve our dreams and aspirations for the University.  

How to Share

With open arms, we welcome you to SHARE TO USA.  It’s easy! 

ROBINSONS BANK – 2003-3010-0000542

BDO – 001770149900

BANK OF COMMERCE – 023-20-005056-8

METROBANK – 439-7-43901954-5

UNIONBANK – 1027-7000-9630


You may also send your donation through GCASH and address it to University of San Agustin Iloilo Main.

For check donations, please make your donations payable to:  UNIVERSITY OF SAN AGUSTIN, INC.

Joy of Sharing

“Spreading Good Vibes: The Joy of Sharing”

Learn about the incredible and transformative power of the act of SHARING.

No act of kindness is too small, and this video beautifully captures the ripple effect that  simple acts can have. 

Be inspired as we learn the genuine happiness that comes from helping and sharing to others. We all have the ability to make a positive impact.  Share to the University’s 8 advocacies and experience the immeasurable joy of sharing to 

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Welcome to SHARE TO USA.  This site will help you find ways on how you can help make the University of San Agustin bigger, bolder and better.  Every year, donors like you enable students, faculty and the University to fulfill life-giving and worthwhile dreams. 

Contact us if you have inquiries or suggestions:

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