Guidance Services and Testing Center




The University of San Agustin believes that today’s students’ have needs which may not be adequately met by the instructional program alone. In consonance with the philosophy and objectives of the University, the following governs the guidance services by the institution:

  1. Every human being has a right to optimum development and to seek his own identity.
  2. Developmental education is something more than just instructional mastery: it demands an integrated growth of the person.

The following are the objectives of the Guidance Services and Testing Center:

  1. To help students discover and develop their potentials:
  2. To facilitate opportunities for self-understanding, acceptance of self and others, acquisition of true values, and learning to make mature choices: and
  3. To train the students to develop skills in interpersonal communication and social interaction.
To help students/individuals become the persons they are capable of becoming.
To assist students/individuals in gaining insights to solve problems and to  develop their potentials.

We share and analyze information with parents, faculty and administration to facilitate decision-making and to utilize strategies for helping students.

We receive referrals from faculty, staff and administration of students who may have academic, social or other difficulties that impede their development.

Our role then is to invite the student to see us and explore with them strategies to help them cope with their challenges.

After individual coaching or counseling, we follow up students to see how well they are doing. It is the key so that students can be assisted until their issues have been fully addressed

This helps the students achieve realistic evaluation of their intelligence, aptitude, interest, and personality which is a requirement for an effective career choice.

We conduct research to know students better as a group, to know their needs and what we can do to help them better.
Through evaluation, we ask our students to help us in modifying our services to best suit their needs.
In training a pool of facilitators, selected students would be able to assist the Guidance Counselors/Guidance Services Associates in the implementation of different guidance activities.
Students may avail of the services of our peer facilitators who are ready and willing to listen to their peers’ concerns.
To inform and orient the students of the different student services offered by the university and the Guidance Services in particular.
To assist students, especially the new ones of their adjustment and other needs.
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