From: Admissions, Scholarships and Placement Office (ASPO)

Application for Academic Entrance Scholarship for those who were not able to apply last First Semester is now OPEN for the Second Semester, AY 2020-2021.

Kindly open the link (google form) provided below and follow the steps in order:

  1. Download the Entrance Scholarship Application Form (USA-ASP-F10) attached
  2. Fill out the google form
  3. Attach the requirements (please refer the list below) and the accomplished form (USA-ASP-F10) and submit not later than April 16, 2021

List of Requirements: Grade 11 and First Year College:

  1. Report Card
  2. Certification issued by the Principal’s Office stating the Honor received and indicating the total number of graduates, atleast not less than 40 graduates to qualify

Juris Doctor (JD):

  1. Certificate of Graduation/Diploma stating the Latin Honor received
  2. Transcript of Records

List of Qualified Applicants for this scholarship will be posted on APRIL 26, 2021 after the screening and validation of submitted application and requirements.

For further queries and clarification kindly email the Office or you may call Globe 09563494497; Smart 09282482441.