NEW! Augustinian Medical Technologists for March 2023 Licensure Examination

Congratulations to the newly passed Medical Technologists of the March 2023 Medical Technology Licensure Examination!

List of passers:

  1. Eureka Jane D. Acer
  2. Debs D. Alantuson
  3. Kevin Christopher T. Aragon
  4. Andrea Joy C. Cadiz
  5. Kent Patrick D. Clavaton
  6. Maria Stella Marie D. Comoro
  7. Stella Marie D. Deasis
  8. Rophil Loise May D. Doronila
  9. Gilliane May C. Granada
  10. Vincent Salvador C. Guanzon
  11. Jose Raphael L. Gubatina
  12. Nikka Jane M. Hablado
  13. Sean Robert II N. Lim
  14. Ian Adrian B. Lopez
  15. Michael Jasper G. Monroy
  16. Fraezha Ann N. Rose
  17. Jeam Ivanne P. San Felix
  18. Rona Marie T. Zaragosa

First Timers: 12/14 (85.71%
Repeaters: 6/9 (66.67%)
Overall Performance: 18/23 (78.26%)

For the complete list of passers, visit this link:

The Augustinian community congratulates the proud family and mentors of these young professionals!