Reviving Tradition: The “Patadyong” Renaissance for the Gen Z!

In a vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity, Artesanias de Iloilo, the coveted annual trade event by DTI Iloilo Province, is championing a radical transformation of the beloved “patadyong”.

Historically hailed as a significant emblem of Philippine culture, particularly among the Visayans, this iconic wrap-around checkered skirt is about to experience a rebirth tailored for the young, dynamic generation.

“To honor the past is to innovate for the future.” With this underlying mantra, the brains behind Artesanias de Iloilo have decidedly “down-aged” their designs. This revolutionary move is not merely about aesthetic appeal but is also a strategic initiative to create a burgeoning market for the youth. The intention is clear: to ensure that the stories, values, and essence of the “patadyong” resonate with the next in line.

A runway awash with fresh, innovative interpretations of the “patadyong” as Iloilo’s esteemed wearable producers join forces with an illustrious lineup of guest designers: Earl Jabonillo, Elna G. Elna G. Salcedo, RJ Paez Paca-oncis and the one and only Pj Aranador. Their collective vision will not only reimagine the “patadyong” but will also set new standards in contemporary Filipino Fashion. – Rj Juarez

This year’s Artesanias De Iloilo was held at SM City Activity Center last October 14, 2023 as the culminating highlights of the 5-day annual Fair, now on its fourth year this 2023.

We express our Ilonggo oneness in little things for the greater creative purpose. We create a movement.

The 2023 Fashion Show Organizers:
Pj Arañador, Creative Director & 2023 Artesanias de Iloilo Curator
Roy Rezano aka Roy Françis Ressano, RGC, RPm (Guidance Counselor/Asst Prof., University of San Agustin) Fashion Show Associate Creative Director| Dres Bedonia  BS Foreign Service II student (University of San Agustin)Event Host

There were 12 participating models and 6 of them are from the University of San Agustin:
Sean Tinasas – USA Senior High Varsity, Grade 11 Senior High School Student
Evangeline Faith Patalen – BS Tourism Management II student
Jeff Christian Vera Cruz – BS Civil Engineering II student
Krystha Daelyn Jimenez – BS Psychology III student
Zeriel Jian Antonino – BS Psychology III student
Vincent Dadivas – BS Tourism Management graduate of 2023

Thank you to our Ilonggo photographers at Artesanias de Iloilo: Rj Juarez, Santiago Abella Vito, Angelo Clement Yap, Jon Rave, Ivan Stephen Divinagracia, Steve Francis Quiachon, & Bogs Futol Correa