In honor of the donors who contributed for the commission of the new St. Augustine Statue, Benefactor’s Night was organized by the Philanthropic, External and Alumni Relations Office after the unveiling of the said statue.
The University President, Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA, together with PEAR Director, Fr. Williener Jack E. Luna, OSA presented the Certificates of Appreciation and a small token to all the donors who were present at the unveiling.

The University of San Agustin would like to thank the following donors for their generous support to the University’s Advocacies by helping in the commission of the new bronze Statue of St. Augustine:

  1. Mr. Ramon Cua Locsin
  2. Dr. Isidoro Cruz
  3. Dr. Alex Facinabao
  4. Dr. Asuncion Faro
  5. Mr. Juan Jose Jamora III
  6. Mr. Nestor Ardiente
  7. Mr. Jose T. Sio
  8. USA Alumni Association
  9. Mr. Alfonso Tan
  10. Mr. Walter Uy
  11. Mr. Jigger Latoza
  12. Mr. Dave Jamora
  13. Mr. Rodolfo Tiu
  14. Mr. Rex Chua
  15. Dr. Remedios Somcio
  16. USA Center for Research & Publications
  17. USA Faculty & Personnel Association
  18. Mr. Vicente Tiu
  19. Ms. Malvie Melocoton
  20. Ms. Angelic Joy Chua
  21. Mrs. Anna Lisa Chusuey
  22. Atty. Dwight Trasadas
  23. College of Pharmacy & Medical Technology
  24. Mr. Marcelino Florete III
  25. Ms. Marilyn Jusayan
  26. Mr. Adolfo Estandarte
  27. Engr. Dennis Jereza
  28. Mr. Oscar Gastala
  29. Atty. Ricardo Chu Jr.
  30. Mrs. Melody Mae Denate
  31. Mr. Eugenio Plana
  32. Mrs. Glenda Miro-Antonio
  33. Lataquin Family
  34. Ms. Cecilia Mijares
  35. Mr. Ernanie Gastala
  36. Mr. Pedro Sotomil
  37. USA HS Class of 1964
  38. Mr. Johnny Que
  39. Mr. Pershing Balayo
  40. Mr. Allan Tajanlangit
  41. Hon. Ma. Theresa Formacion Debuque
  42. Ms. Arlene Luna
  43. Ms. Daisy Lim
  44. Ms. Angelina Alerta
  45. Mr. Eddy Yulo Ong
  46. Arch. Nathaniel Dueñas
  47. Mr. Danny Wu

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