USA Supports CEAP’s Information Campaign on COVID Vaccination

Dear Augustinians,

This is a call to action on USA’s support for the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP) information campaign on COVID vaccination.
There are questions and apprehensions towards vaccination and it is an opportune time for our students, their parents, the faculty and staff, and the Augustinian community to take part in listening to expert resource persons who will address continuing questions about vaccines, allay fears, and build trust in the available vaccines through a series of webinars that CEAP is organizing.

Webinar 1: VAC to Basic: The Whats. The Hows. and The Whys of COVID Vaccination April 14, Wednesday, 10 AM- 12 NN
Webinar 2: VAC to VAC Stories: COVID 19 Vaccine Testimonies- April 21, Wednesday, 10 AM- 12 NN
Webinar 3: VAC to a Better Normal: Vaccine Rollout in the Philippines- April 23, Friday, 10 AM- 12 NN

Stream live on:
CEAP Facebook page (
YouTube Channel (

Students and their parents, the faculty and staff, and the community are invited to listen to the webinars and log on to the links above. They may share these with their friends as well as relatives.

Communication materials such as infographics and other relevant information regarding COVID Vaccines and the Vaccination rollout in the Philippines will be disseminated and we are all encouraged to share these to our community in the coming weeks. 
As Augustinians, our presence and participation on this campaign will be of help to educate not only ourselves but also those around us and with us.
“May God continue to protect us and help us through the many struggles we are facing today because of this pandemic. Despite this, let us remain hopeful as people of the Resurrection, trusting that God is with us as we go through the healing process of moving towards the better normal.” -CEAP

Thank you and God bless us all.