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San Agustin breaks ground for Chusuey International Center 

November 12, 2015 marks another milestone in the history of the 111-year old University of San Agustin as it holds a blessing and groundbreaking ceremony of the five-storey USA - Dr. Henry O. Chusuey International Center.


Video News ArticleUSA Pharmacy Department Wins National Prize for Video Making Contest 

The College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) brought honor and prestige to the University of San Agustin by winning the video making contest in a joint project of the Philippine Colleges of Pharmacy (PACOP) and the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA),in celebration of the World Pharmacists Day last September 25, 2015. 


img045San Agustin hosts ASEAN Light of Peace

The University of San Agustin (USA) in Iloilo City is privileged to host the ASEAN LIGHT OF PEACE with the theme “World Peace through Inner Peace”. 


Frederick Comendador


Bearers of Light and Life

IN the past days, two major events related to our Christmas celebration, which also speaks of volumes of some of the themes of Christmas, were held in the University. The first was the Lights-on Ceremonies last December 7 and the other one was the Annual Christmas gathering of employees sponsored by the USAFAPA last December 11.

These two events in a way speak to us about the meaning of Christmas. The lights-on more than beautifying the school with vibrant lights, points to us a deeper message about Christmas, which Christ is the true light.

Christmas is a time of hope since Christ as the true light has the power to dispel the darkness and gloom of the night.

Christmas time happens near winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere when the night time is at its longest.

The breaking in of Christmas, or the birth of Christ is a magnificent symbol to all believers that no matter how deep the darkness  is, there is hope; and this hope is no other than Christ himself.

We might be overshadowed and consumed by deep and frigid darkness, but we need not be afraid for Christ is coming, Christ is the light.

Christmas reminds us that dark-ness does not have the final say in life; rather, it is light, who is no other than Christ.

As an Augustinian community we are called to be bearers of this light to others. We should not expect the world we live in to be devoid of its shadows and dark nights. Rather, we should be ready to live in a world full of darkness, and it is in that kind of world where our light shines the most. 


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