Civil Engineering Students of University of San Agustin dominates MR. AND MS. PICE 2024

In a dazzling spectacle of talent, intellect, and regal charm, the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Olympics 2024 showcased the prowess of the University of San Agustin representatives, Andrea G. Moreno and Paolo J. Perocho, both hailing from District Concrete. The event, held at the University of San Agustin Gymnasium on January 31, 2024, under the theme “Tribute Unleashed: Forging Unity in the Civil Engineering Arena of Survival and Excellence,” was a night to remember.

Andrea G. Moreno: Ms. PICE 2024

Andrea G. Moreno, a 3rd Year BS in Civil Engineering, stole the spotlight with her exceptional skills and charisma. Not only did she secure the titles of Best in Production and Best in Interview, but she also emerged as the coveted Ms. PICE 2024. In response to the question about advice to her younger self, Andrea passionately conveyed, “Embrace every challenge as an opportunity to become a better individual. We are not just ordinary future builders; we are the future builders.” Her words resonated with determination and a commitment to excellence.

During the District Attire segment, Andrea and her fellow representatives from District Concrete embodied the might of ancient monarchs, symbolizing the resilience and strength of civil engineering.
In the Evening Gown segment, Andrea showcased not only her physical grace but also her intellectual depth. Her commitment to civil engineering shone through as she expressed her desire to contribute to the construction of a bridge connecting Iloilo to her beloved home, Guimaras.

Paolo J. Perocho: Mr. PICE 2024

Paolo J. Perocho, another 3rd Year BS in Civil Engineering student, stood out with his exceptional achievements in various categories. He secured titles in Best in Production, Best in Formal Wear, Best in District Attire, Best in Street Wear, and Best in Interview, earning him the prestigious title of Mr. PICE 2024.

When asked about the greatest challenge his generation is facing, Paolo eloquently addressed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficulties faced by students in adapting to online classes, Paolo highlighted the resilience of civil engineering students, emphasizing how the challenges have prepared them to face future hurdles with confidence.

In the District Attire segment, Paolo and his counterparts showcased the strength and endurance of District Concrete. The candidates were a visual representation of powerful leaders, adorned in silver, and crowned with regal headdresses, signifying the enduring power of engineering.
In the Evening Suit segment, Paolo’s dedication to his academic path and his heartfelt mission to build his parents’ dream home were highlighted. His fusion of athleticism, academic fervor, and commitment to family truly set him apart.