CMO promotes UNITY. Unity means being one. It entails communion among members of the community. For Augustine, being one in mind and one in heart towards God is the ideal expression of unity. The various liturgical and religious activities of the CMO bring each member of the school community to be in communion with one another. They are “together one, in the one Christ, on the way to the one Father” (Sermon on the Psalm 157, 28).

CMO seeks the TRUTH: All throughout his life, Augustine sought the Truth which when he finally found it, led him to conversion and embrace Jesus in his life until he died. The formation programs of the CMO reveal the Interior Master who dwells in everyone’s heart. He is the Truth who can set every individual free from self-righteousness and sinfulness.

CMO acts in CHARITY: Charity or Love is the greatest commandment every Christian is exhorted to practice day-by-day. In his Confessions, when asked what does love look like, Augustine writes: “It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has the eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men” (Homily on 1 John 4: 4-12 no. 10).  With CMO’s participation in community building for social transformation, stakeholders will be able to discern their special gifts in serving Christ through the poor and the needy. 



         San Agustin Center of Studies (SACS) established in November 13, 1984 is one of the formation houses of the Augustinian province of Sto. Niño de Cebu, Philippines which houses the communities of simple professed friars (Theology Students) and the college seminarians (Philosophy Students). It also houses the philosophy institute of the province, The St. Thomas of Villanova Institute of Philosophy affiliated to the University of San Agustin – Iloilo, College of Arts and Sciences where the College Seminarians study for their degree in Philosophy as a preparatory step for their theological studies. It has been a formation and training institute since 1996.

        In 2010, SACS marked its 25th year anniversary of untiring formation of future Filipino Augustinian religious & Priests in the service of the apostolate of the order of St. Augustine and the mother church in the Philippines and abroad. The door is thrown wide open for those who are in pursuit of a path of service and lifelong devotion to God. For as long SACS remain true to its calling, there will always be lives who will see for it that the institute will live on God’s greater glory. (SACS-Update)