KaSanAg sang Paskwa 2022: Mas masanag, mas masadya!

KaSanAg sang Paskwa, the official lighting ceremony of the University of San Agustin, is back in its face-to-face celebration last December 2, 2022, and finally opened its doors to rejoice the Christmas season with merriment and unity.

The event kicked off with a march from the USA Band around the campus inviting the Augustinian community to attend the Eucharistic celebration at the USA Chapel. Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, CMF, emphasizes in his homily the essence of light or “Kasanag” in our lives which is Jesus Christ, the true light this Christmas.

It was followed by the official lighting ceremony held at Plaza de San Agustin. A series of performances from the Performing Arts Groups- Kawilihan, Choir and Troubadours, and Band were showcased before the official lighting starts. Parents and kids from the adopted community of the Tilipunan Kiddie Center in Brgy. Tanza were also invited during the program for the launching of “Pulo Para sa Puso” donation drive as part of the Tilipunan Week Culminating Activity.

The university also released this year’s official Kasanag Music Video, “Mas Masanag, Mas Masadya”, highlighting the joy of celebrating the Christmas season in the spirit of togetherness as a community after the pandemic hit us hard. The University façade was then lit with vast arrays of Christmas lights and ornaments that are Instagram-able-worthy! People flocked around the façade to take photos and share them online. It was followed by the Parade of Parols which was participated by the different colleges and departments.

On the other side, cheers and yells from the students erupted at the USA Gym as they show support to their respective departments during the Show Choir competition. It even got louder when Fr. Jonas Mejares, OSA, took the stage accompanied by a live band to sing the crowd’s favorites.

Students, faculty, alumni, personnel, and visitors outside the school went out of their homes and classrooms and gathered inside the campus to celebrate the togetherness of one community this Christmas season.

Indeed, mas masanag kag mas masadya ang Paskwa kung ululupod kita.