Please be informed that the enrolment for the Mid-Year Term 2021 is postponed.

The University has submitted its application to *offer mid-year classes to CHED and we are waiting for its approval.

Students are advised to comply with the pre-requisite of their courses prior to enrolment. Continuously check the USA Website and Facebook Page for the update on the enrolment schedule. However, enrolment for AY 2021-22 of the Basic Education Department (BED) and Senior High School will start on JULY 12, 2021. Please refer to the list of requirements and procedures for new, continuing, and transferee learners (pre-school, grade school, junior high school, and senior high school).

Please be informed further that the processing and releasing of requested school records will resume on JULY 19, 2021. Requisition of the school records is still ongoing thru email:

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are always grateful for your patience and understanding.

Be safe and God bless us all.