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center for educational and institutional research


The USA Board of Trustees in its meeting held last March 14, 2020, approved the recommendation of the University President to revive the Center for Educational and Institutional Research (CEIR).

Last September 1, 2020 through Circular No. 18, s.o. 2020, CEIR was reestablished to focus on faculty research and studies needed for University policy-making and decision-making and to ascertain a link between research and instruction. As a faculty research arm, it promotes and conducts multidisciplinary research, particularly along the academic programs offered by the University.

It also tasked to develop the research agenda of the university and to initiate research initiatives that will help in the promotion of the University goals and objectives particularly in areas related to curriculum planning and development, quality instruction, faculty development and the component services related to education such as but not limited to administration and governance, student services, and physical development.

Furthermore, the CEIR is responsible for the continuing research capability-building of the University’s faculty and facilitates the conduct of seminar-workshops on various research methods, with the end view of sharpening faculty members’ research skills. Read more ->>>