Service Awardees, AB Comm, BS CpE, research papers awarded in UNIFIED-Philippines’ International Summit Conference

The United Federation of Filipino-American Educators (UNIFIED) Philippines recently held its International Summit Conference held in Iloilo City last July 24, 25, and 26, 2023. The conference served as a platform for educators to come together, learn, and collaborate for the betterment of the Philippine education sector. This included a multidisciplinary research conference, seminars, educational tours, and a gala night.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Awards and Gala Night where outstanding individuals were given recognition. Among the service awardees are Dr. Edwin C. Samis, for his 36 years of service, and Dr. Cecilia D. Alimen, for her 33 years of service in the organization and recipient of the Salindunong Award, both from the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education.

The Multidisciplinary Research Conference showcased a diverse range of research papers and presentations by students and educators. The conference served as a space for researchers to share their insights and findings, fostering intellectual growth and cross-disciplinary exchange.

Among the student-presenters, the Bachelor of Arts in Communication (AB Comm) Program of the University of San Agustin (USA), emerged as a standout, earning the prestigious Overall Best Paper award with their paper entitled “Netflix: Emerging Medium in Film Viewing.” It was authored by Juan Manuel dela Cena, Monday Salvino, and Michael Estares, Fourth-Year AB Comm students, and co-authored by Mr. Gordon Q. Guillergan, M.B.A., J.D., AB Comm faculty member and research mentor. The paper also earned the titles of Best Abstract and Best Cluster Paper under the Living Culture and Contemporary Society Cluster. Juan Manuel dela Cena was also recognized as the Best Presenter within the same cluster, showcasing the program’s commitment to quality research and presentation. The same research paper was also awarded as Best Thesis of A.Y. 2022-2023 in the AB Comm Program of the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Education.

The conference also highlighted innovations in the field of science and technology, exemplified by the accomplishments of Engr. Glenda S. Guanzon and her team. Engr. Guanzon, a faculty member of the USA Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CpE) Department and RMG Coordinator A.Y. 2022-2023 of the College of Technology, presented her team’s research paper entitled “Development of IoT-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System for a Health Risk-free Learning Environment.” The paper, co-authored by Kenneth P. Comenta, Sid O. Dungganon, Ian S. Moore, and Manuella Grace R. Oducado, BS CpE students, was recognized as First Place for Best Paper under the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Strand, Second Place Best Abstract, and Third Place Overall Best Paper, while Engr. Guanzon earned First Place for Overall Best Presenter and First Place for Best Presenter under STEM Strand. Their work highlighted the fusion of cutting-edge technology with real-world applications to address public health concerns.

Through these research conferences and achievements, the University continues to foster a community of practice that strives for academic excellence in research, innovation, and community extension.

Engr. Guanzon (third person from the left) receives the award.
USA awardees during the 2023 UNIFIED International Summit Gala and Awards Night.