Teaching AB Lit Program provides me an opportunity in sharing my knowledge and skills in an area l most liked. It has been a challenging journey on my part as a professor of literature as we explore and give meaning to some literary genres. (Click image to read more)
USA High School instilled in me Augustinian values and teachings that prepared me so much for the real world without wavering the life challenges I met along the way. My Alma Mater helped me nurtured a strong foundation on values like humility,..(Click image to read more)
The University of San Agustin is like my second home after I have spent four years of my life receiving education from them when I was in Junior High. During that time, I was able to meet a variety of people, experience new things,...(Click image to read more)
High school was where I started to learn most of my skills for the real world. To me, high school was the epitome of learning as I believe it taught me many things: critical thinking and leadership from my CAT Mentors, (Click image to read more)
USA High School instilled in me Augustinian Junior High School (JHS), Basic Education Department, University of San Agustin plays a vital role in helping my child in reaching her goals in life. It offers a holistic education..(Click image to read more)
Taking up high school at the University of San Agustin is one of the best things that happened in my life. It gave me opportunities and experiences that made me a better person inside and outside of the classroom...(Click image to read more)
Sun rises, sun sets. In the realistic world, there may be an uphill climb or a downfall from the stream. To take the path of success, there will always be hurdles along the way and the best lesson that I have learned..(Click image to read more)
My admiration and appreciation go to the institution that molded me to become the strong-willed and determined student that I am today. My senior high school years were not an easy ride; there were lots of difficulties,..(Click image to read more)
As a faculty member of the University of San Agustin Senior High School Department, I have witnessed the importance of an Augustinian education in the holistic development of our learners. ...(Click image to read more)
Senior High School serves as a bridge between the last phase of the basic education and the higher education. The knowledge and skills acquired by my son in this preparatory stage could help him succeed in college....(Click image to read more)
I am an Augustinian and will always be. My Augustinian education has exceptionally prepared me not only for the smooth transition to college, but also in the real world. The University of San Agustin has......(Click image to read more)
Currently working as a senior tax associate in the largest multi professional services firm in the country, I am very fortunate to be given quality basic education in the University of San Agustin Basic Education Department...(Click image to read more)
It is said that, "Mothers are the first teachers of their children." How apt and true would that be in this season of pandemic. Not only mothers, but parents in general. But big thanks to all teachers and the school, in general...(Click image to read more)
University of San Agustin is the oldest university in Iloilo, because of this, I believe that it gained its mark locally and internationally. Aside from these facts, this University is a Catholic institution which develops our values...(Click image to read more)
I was an average employee of the government when I took my master's degree program in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of San Agustin. In the duration of the program, the faculty - who were all practitioners...(Click image to read more)
Choosing University of San Agustin as my graduate school has been one of my plans after I finished my bachelor's degree. University of San Agustin is one of the top universities in Western Visayas. That alone is a huge boost...(Click image to read more)
I chose USA's MBA program for both the prestige and the flexibility that the program offered. As working professional, the flexible schedule allowed me to complete my course at a pace that worked for me..(Click image to read more)
Amidst this pandemic and along with my work demands, having enrolled as a student for MBA program is never easy. Getting an MBA is intense, and there will be stressful moments no matter what you do. Yet, I am happy with my decision to start...(Click image to read more)
The practice of medical profession is a bit distinct from public administration. I'm a registered nurse but fate brought me to a government organization. I have studied and learned about things which are somewhat peculiar to my field of expertise...(Click image to read more)
The University of San Agustin is my second home away from home that treats each other as family. USA taught me to enjoy my student life as a leader, a student, and a scholar. It was such an honor being part of this prestigious institution...(Click image to read more)
As parents, we are happy that the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Education substituted the care we gave to our daughter as she pursued her college education. CLASE helped her to grow and become a mature individual....(Click image to read more)
The University of San Agustin is full of opportunities. I was able to study in a prestigious school for almost for free. I am a scholar of the University and I consider that my skills had developed and equipped me more...(Click image to read more)
Taking Bachelor of Library and Information Science helped me a lot - in identifying information whether it is accurate or fake, it improved my skills and abilities in communication and writing. The course made me..(Click image to read more)
As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Thave been blessed with at least two decades of experience in the broadcast industry, with numerous opportunities in print and new media. Most of these experiences are...(Click image to read more)
What I like the most about being enrolled in the AB Communication program of the University of San Agustin is its holistic approach to learning. This approach, I think, makes us more versatile. Whether we get to have a job in radio, TV,...(Click image to read more)
What I like most about this program is that it allows us to explore and maximize our potentials. We don't just learn inside the four corners of our room because the program gives us a chance to work with the productions inside...(Click image to read more)
The AB Com program helped me a lot to build my confidence in speaking and writing. It gives me the desire to do my best with the help of other people. This program made me realize that I can do things independently, ...(Click image to read more)