Teaching AB Lit Program provides me an opportunity in sharing my knowledge and skills in an area l most liked. It has been a challenging journey on my part as a professor of literature as we explore and give meaning to some literary genres. (Click image to read more)
USA High School instilled in me Augustinian values and teachings that prepared me so much for the real world without wavering the life challenges I met along the way. My Alma Mater helped me nurtured a strong foundation on values like humility,..(Click image to read more)
The University of San Agustin is like my second home after I have spent four years of my life receiving education from them when I was in Junior High. During that time, I was able to meet a variety of people, experience new things,...(Click image to read more)
High school was where I started to learn most of my skills for the real world. To me, high school was the epitome of learning as I believe it taught me many things: critical thinking and leadership from my CAT Mentors, (Click image to read more)
USA High School instilled in me Augustinian Junior High School (JHS), Basic Education Department, University of San Agustin plays a vital role in helping my child in reaching her goals in life. It offers a holistic education..(Click image to read more)
Taking up high school at the University of San Agustin is one of the best things that happened in my life. It gave me opportunities and experiences that made me a better person inside and outside of the classroom...(Click image to read more)
Sun rises, sun sets. In the realistic world, there may be an uphill climb or a downfall from the stream. To take the path of success, there will always be hurdles along the way and the best lesson that I have learned..(Click image to read more)
My admiration and appreciation go to the institution that molded me to become the strong-willed and determined student that I am today. My senior high school years were not an easy ride; there were lots of difficulties,..(Click image to read more)
As a faculty member of the University of San Agustin Senior High School Department, I have witnessed the importance of an Augustinian education in the holistic development of our learners. ...(Click image to read more)
Senior High School serves as a bridge between the last phase of the basic education and the higher education. The knowledge and skills acquired by my son in this preparatory stage could help him succeed in college....(Click image to read more)
I am an Augustinian and will always be. My Augustinian education has exceptionally prepared me not only for the smooth transition to college, but also in the real world. The University of San Agustin has...(Click image to read more)