USA completes Day 2 of the 3-day Planning Workshop for AUN-QA Associate Membership Plans

The University of San Agustin community completed Day 2 of the three-day Institutional Development Planning for ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Associate Membership last November 4, 2022.

Held at the Hotel Sta. Monica, around 70 participants, composed of friar administrators, deans, directors, academic supervisors, faculty, and other members of the Augustinian community, gathered for Day 2 of the workshop-planning activity to discuss the feedback on Day 1 Outputs of the USA-AUN Development strategies and initiatives. The teams revisited the USA Core Processes from 2018-2023 and AUN-QA Assessment Models for Higher Education emphasizing on functional quality assurance which focuses on education, research, and service, and the AUN Key Strategic Outcomes.

Moreover, the teams also came together for an ends-means approach to institutional development planning with a workshop on brainstorming strategic outcomes and initiatives in line with Sustainable Development Goals and AUN Key Strategic Outcomes.

The teams presented their workshop outputs in the afternoon and received feedback from the workshop facilitator, Dr. Mardy D. Verano, executive director of EDUSTUDIO Learning Review & Training and current board member of several colleges and universities. Participants were assigned committees and key areas to work on. These key areas included curriculum innovation and instruction, faculty excellence, excellence in student support and programs, excellence in research, excellence in institutional governance, community engagement, Augustinian formation, and campus environment.

“This is working together as one community to achieve its goal towards internationalization,” Fr. Frederick Comendador, OSA, president of the University of San Agustin stated during the workshop.

The outputs of the workshop will be used for preparations for the university’s application to the AUN-QA associate membership next year.

Dr. Verano giving the final instruction before the morning workshop of the Day 2 AUN-QA Planning Session.
Dr. Relicardo Coloso, Academic Supervisor of the BS Chemistry program together with the rest of the Curriculum Innovation and Instruction Team, clarifying workshop outputs with Dr. Verano during the afternoon session.
Criterion 1 Expected Learning Outcomes Team showing Dr. Verano the results of their discussion.
The Excellence in Research Team refining strategic initiatives plans.
Ms. Vergie Salvosa of the Community Engagement Team consulting Dr. Verano about their assigned tasks.