USA names the College of Law library as Atty. Henry T. Villegas Law Library

The University of San Agustin commemorates the contribution of our dear alumnus to academic excellence through the naming of the University of San Agustin – Atty. Henry T. Villegas Law Library during its symbolic unveiling of the marker on May 21, 2022, at the 2nd Floor of the Fray Luis de Leon Hall. 

The naming right is the University’s way of memorializing the alumni and its benefactors for extraordinary contributions to their alma mater. It is also a sustainable means which focuses on the naming of infrastructures and spaces for recognition of achievement or for recognition of a generous donation.

Atty. Henry T. Villegas is being honored by his son, Atty. Jan Villegas by naming the USA Law Library to him through his donation.  Atty. Jan hopes that law students will be inspired by his father’s achievements and contributions to the legal practice and help them to achieve their goal and bring positive changes and development in the country and for those who need their expertise the most. 

The donation is meant to create an ongoing funding source to help ensure the College of Law’s future by updating its library facilities and provide newer means of learning, maintaining its recognition in 2001 as one of the Law Libraries around the country that keeps on the standards as a rich source for those who practice in the legal field. According to Fr. Frederick Comendador, University President, within a period of one year, the Atty. Henry T. Villegas Law Library will be further transformed into a more conducive and student-friendly facility, catering to the needs of those who wish to pursue law in the university.

This altruistic action by Atty. Villegas is one of the many notable contributions the alumni has shown the University. There are so many ways the Augustinian professional can impact the institution in showing appreciation for the education and formation provided them, giving others the chance to have a similar experience, and staying connected with the Augustinian community. There is this invisible thread that binds every member of the community to participate in the development and sustainability of their alma matter no matter how much years have passed. Believing that the Augustinian alumni goes beyond being proof of the institution’s values and brand, they represent the purpose of continuing with the educational opportunities by maintaining meaningful relationships and create more possibilities to future graduates of the university.

In attendance during the symbolic unveiling of the mark are the family of Atty.  Henry T. Villegas whose support and gratitude for his influence as a lawyer encouraged his children to pay the good deeds he has done forward. Atty. Henry’s journey to where he is now was so easy task, but because of his perseverance and desire to become a lawyer, his hard work paid off. This, his son, Atty. Jan wishes to impart future Augustinian lawyers.

MOA signing with University PresidentFr. Frederick C. Comedador, OSA and Atty. Jan Villegas
Acceptance of donation from Atty. Jan Villegas
MOA Signing for the University of San Agustin Atty. Henry T. Villegas Law Library
With the officers of the USA Alumni Association
L-R: VPAA Prof. Regina Aileen Mae Vergara, LRC Director Rhea Espina, College of Law Dean, Atty. Jose Mari Benjamin Tirol; Atty. Jan Villegas, Atty. Henry T. Villegas, University President Fr. Frederick C. Comendador, OSA;  PEAR Director John Lou Ricamora, OSA; former President Fr. Mamerto Alfeche, OSA; and University Archivist Fr. Ric Anthony Reyes, OSA
Atty. Henry T. Villegas