USA Wraps Up 3-Day Planning Workshop For AUN-QA Associate Membership (With a Bang)

The Augustinian community concluded Day 3 of the three-day Institutional Development Planning for ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Associate Membership last Nov. 5, 2022, at the Hotel Sta. Monica.

Friar administrators, deans, directors, academic supervisors, faculty, and other members of the Augustinian community were divided into teams to discuss the different AUN-QA criteria for Associate Membership. These include Excellence in Institutional Governance, Curriculum Innovation and Instruction, Faculty Excellence, Excellence in Research, Community Engagement, Campus Environment, Student Support and Programs, and Augustinian Formation and Mission.

Each team set strategic goals and objectives for each AUN-QA criteria, as well as performance indicators, strategic initiatives, while aligning these to the AUN Key Strategic Outcomes.

The group for Excellence in Institutional Governance, led by University President, Fr. Frederick Comendador, OSA, came up with key outcomes that included ASEAN awareness, education for sustainable development, higher education quality assurance and enhancement, university-industry partnership, and ICT in higher education, setting key performance indicators over five years.

In the area of Curriculum Innovation and Instruction, the team set the proposed USA-AUN strategic goal of enriching the quality of programs that are relevant, innovative, and compliant with world-class and Augustinian standards.

On the other hand, the team for Faculty Excellence set the strategic goal of hiring and retaining qualified, competent, and committed academic personnel ensuring the AUN-QA outcomes are met which include: university-industry partnerships, capacity building, information and knowledge exchange, and academic resource exchange.

For the area of Excellence in Research, the team proposed the USA-AUN strategic goal of inculcating research excellence through national and international linkages and collaboration. Meanwhile, the group for Community Engagement would like to set its strategic goal as promoting relevant and responsive community engagement through collaborative and meaningful extension services among its stakeholders.

In the area of Campus Environment (facilities and infrastructure), the assigned group’s strategic goal is to improve accessibility and availability of resources through effective utilization, while the Student Support and Programs group’s strategic goal is to advance the holistic development of students through exceptional human-centric support services.

Finally, the group for Augustinian Formation and Mission set its strategic goal for this area as strengthening the Augustinian identity of community members through holistic formation and mission programs.

The three-day planning workshop began on Nov. 3. The planning workshop is part of the university’s efforts to prepare itself for its application to AUN-QA Associate Membership. The AUN is a widely recognized network essential for the build-up of an active and renowned ASEAN community in higher education. According to its website, it has been recognized by the Ministers of Education in ASEAN Countries for its achievements in upgrading the capacity of ASEAN human resources and developing the quality of education of AUN member universities. Ultimately, AUN’s goal aligns with that of the ASEAN, which is broadening the integration of the ten ASEAN countries and closing the development gap among them. (mrb)

“All in this together” – the Augustinian Community wraps up 3-day Strategic Planning workshop
Excellence in Institutional Governance Team
Curriculum Innovation and Instruction – Program Structure and Content Team
Curriculum Innovation and Instruction – Teaching and Learning Approach Team
 Faculty Excellence Team
Augustinian Formation and Mission Team
Campus Environment Team
Facilities and Infrastructure – Physical Plant and Facilities Team
Facilities and Infrastructure – LRC Team
Facilities and Infrastructure – Laboratories Team
Excellence in Research Team
Excellence in Student Support and Programs Team
Excellence in Community Engagement Team
USA giving their profuse and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Verano