WHAT’S NEW USA!: Paths and Huts

Eco-friendly Pathways

USA has completed a safe and comfortable walk inside its academic grounds which features vesicular texture in a fine-grained basalt formed tiles.Upon approach to the university’s entrance gate, members of the academic community are greeted by a series of architectural, newly constructed concrete flooring. Due to its density, strength, and porosity, basalt tiles are suitable for exterior applications to decrease water permeability during rainy season and compressive strength to withstand mild to extreme weather conditions. In this regard, the university will continuously provide the highest quality foot walk to move further forward as an integrated academic institution.|

New Public Space for Face-to-face Interactions

The University of San Agustin created a new public space to provide a cool and restful area for students, teachers, and school personnel. With the installation of twelve traditional “Bahay-Kubo” located in front of the university cafeteria, USA built a place to eat, rest, and study that is accessible to all Augustinians. According to the University Guidance Counselor, Roy Rezano, “Bahay-kubo is a conducive area for relaxation and provides a sense of privacy for students that can have a positive impact on their mental health.” While providing a relaxing area, the Bahay-Kubos present in the academic grounds also show USA’s support and appreciation for Filipino culture.

Story by Bradlean Espejo and Beryl Jade Patente
AB Literature Interns